Thursday, September 12, 2013

They're At Every Farmer's Market

The Pro
-asks multiple questions of each vendor
-carries his/her own shoulder bag to hold purchases
-slowly eyeballs each individual piece of produce before deciding whether or not to buy
-often empties containers to cherry pick their contents

The Sampler
-goes from vendor to vendor asking for a taste of their offerings
-successfully completes a full meal in the process for zero cost
-never makes a purchase

The Flower Lady
-wears a large straw hat
-only interest is in taking home as many types of fresh-cut flowers that she can physically carry
-not at all aware that fresh produce of all kinds is readily available

The Browser
-visits each and every stand, hands clasped tightly behind back
-slowly peers over all of the offerings , often squinting
-asks the price even though there is a 4 foot high sign immediately in front of them

The Dog Lady
-accompanied by a small white canine weighing less than 15 pounds
-completely unaware that the dog is devouring anything and everything off of the ground
-has no control whatsoever over the dog's penchant for barking

Any others that immediately come to mind?

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